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dance of joy!, Numfar

Insomniac musings

Posted on 2011.03.02 at 03:42
 What do you do when you're sick and can't sleep? I don't know about you, but I find out that every episode of Buffy is on Netflix Streaming, and start a Slayer Festival, starting with "Once More with Feeling" from the sixth season.

Hard to believe it's been ten years, but this season still holds up beautifully. The "Buffy was in Heaven" revelation, the Spike/Buffy house demolition team, Willow and Tara splitting and Amy being de-ratted -- still just as much fun as ten years ago. 


Sometimes nature sucks.

Posted on 2011.01.14 at 16:39
 I turned on a nature program on NatGeoWild for my grandmother because we both like nature programs, and this one was about lions and hyenas. It was all good for a while, and watching the lioness play with her cubs was just delightful. Hyena cubs are actually pretty cute too, even if they do grow up into horrid hyenas.

But I went downstairs to make Mama some tea and get her an oatmeal cookie, and came back to a horrible scene. The lioness had been bitten by a cobra and was unable to protect her cubs from the hyenas, and I was treated to the awful sight of hyenas carrying off the poor lion babies. AIGH!

I have always been fascinated with nature photography, and wonder -- just how the hell do nature photographers stay neutral in the face of such awful scenes? I'd have a hard time not chasing the hyenas away from the lioness and the cubs, and an even harder time just letting them kill all the kittens. I went into my bedroom and snuggled with Bruce, who was a lucky kitten -- his sibs were killed by a wild animal, and even now, 14 years later, he has a terror of barking dogs. He's very quiet, and stays close to the ground -- he's not a "Higher and higher" kitty. If I were a nature photographer, how could I have left that poor kitten to the fate of his siblings, and *not* taken him in and raised him? [snuggles kitty some more]  He's my big boofy baby. 

I know that nature is harsh. I don't have to like it. [sniffle]

(ps: for what it's worth, I don't like it much when I see lions catching baby antelope, either.)

Calvin I'm Significant/dust speck

What do *you* think of Fred Phelps and the Westboro "church"?

Posted on 2011.01.12 at 01:33
Current Mood: angryangry
 Someone I've known for a very long time says that he's not seen very many Christians condemning the Westboro "church people." I told him he hasn't been listening.

Do me a favor gang -- please speak up. What do *you* think of Fred Phelps and his "church"?

Political: Everyone poops

Politics SUCK. They have no place in this tragedy.

Posted on 2011.01.10 at 19:18
Current Mood: distresseddistressed
I wanted to post this as my Facebook status, but can't quite get it right. I guess I'll just put it in my journal, and consider crying myself to sleep over murdered people who were murdered by a *madman*. I can't get that little girl's face out of my head. 

We are *all* humans.  We are all Americans*, not just Democrats, Republicans, Liberals, or Conservatives, or Moderates. The sooner we stop the us vs. them fingerpointing and rhetoric on *all* sides, the better. My heart cries to see people who normally get along well ripping each other to shreds over pre-conceived ideas of what the "opposition" is like. Please. Just stop blaming, and get back to working towards CIVIL DISCOURSE to work out differences. PLEASE.

This only became political when one sheriff decided to jump to conclusions and made it political before he had all the facts. That was unprofessional and incredibly irresponsible. Now it's coming out that the gunman was actually leaning far more on the leftist side -- should the country now turn and start condemning all left-leaning people? NO.  They should all just effing STOP blaming each other for the actions of a clinically diagnosed insane man who should have never been able to get a gun. He could have just as easily gone after his professors and classmates at his community college, but he went after Giffords because she was a symbol of the government he was fighting against in his own mind. His blogs are the rantings of a madman, and it doesn't take someone with a degree to recognize that. Call me ableist if you want, I don't give a flying frak. I know I'm not. Unstable people should be cared for and given opportunities, but gun-ownership should NOT be  one of those opportunities. 

I admire Giffords for many reasons, not the least of which being her moderate stance. It's tragic that anybody be cut down in service to their country, but this moderate finds it even a touch more tragic that a fellow moderate has been cut down when her balanced voice is *clearly* needed now. 

Are there ill-advised things posted on blogs and websites around the political sphere? Hell yeah. Maybe people will start to think twice before they "take aim" at their faceless opponents (or even when calling them by name). But I am convinced that everybody needs to listen to Sting's song "Russians," with a context towards *any* fellow human being. I wish he'd update the song to reflect the current political situation. 

Please, no us-vs-them rhetoric in the comments. I just don't want to hear it anymore.  It's *hateful*, and what's really sad is that so many people don't seem to recognize that they're spewing just as much hate as those they profess to hate. That's WTF all over. 

*This is obviously aimed at my countryfolk. Apologies to my Canadian, European, and other friends reading.

Bruce HA!

Oh dear. Oh dearydearydear.

Posted on 2011.01.10 at 18:31
Current Mood: amusedamused
 Apologies in advance to any of my friends if they actually *worked* on this book.


Dethklok animated

Guilty pleasures, musical edition

Posted on 2011.01.09 at 19:51
Current Mood: amusedamused
We talk about weird crap sometimes.  Guilty pleasures came up in conversation last night because I had warbled a line from a Britney Spears song at him in answer to some question or another, and that started us talking about the guilty pleasures. I confessed to enjoying a few Spice Girls songs, esp. to work out to. He immediately broke into "If you wanna be my lover..." and then he said "Yep, that's you -- Nerdy Spice." 

I think I like it. Nerdy Spice. Yeah. [chuckle]

there a tribble, Here a tribble

Odd musing on desserts

Posted on 2010.12.07 at 15:20
Current Mood: curiouscurious
 Hmm. Just saw an ad for a "giant cupcake maker." 

Isn't a giant cupcake simply...a cake?

Content Lioness

Anti-bullying message

Posted on 2010.10.20 at 16:39
 I am wearing purple today in honor of *all* bullying victims. I feel that by singling out only the gay ones we do them a disservice by pointing out a large part what made them insecure in the first place. I don't think that sexual orientation should matter except to the one(s) a person is sexually involved with.

As a survivor of some really horrendous bullying that didn't stop until I *made* it stop some time in my early twenties (yes, it can extend further than childhood), I want to tell kids that yes, it does get better, but you have to find it within yourself to make it better too. 

We as a society have to grab the bullies by the collar and make them stop. We have to find out what's making the bullies want to harm others to make themselves feel better. If treatment doesn't work, prosecution needs to happen for repeat offenders -- assault is assault, no matter what the age of the offender. It's not something to ignore as "kid stuff" because those kids grow up to be abusers and keep going with being abusers unless they're made to STOP.

It hasn't necessarily gotten worse in recent years; it's just gotten more media attention. Older schoolmates had me beaten into a fetal position while my grandmother helplessly tried to make them stop. She was walking me home to try to protect me from bullies; they didn't care and beat me up in front of her anyway. This was more than thirty years ago. There were no headlines for me, no vigils to keep people from hurting me, no arrests of my long-term bullies. Some of them kept going for an effing *decade* -- I saw some of the same people in high school, and they kept going with it. What happened? I got suspended for fighting back. Great message to send a smart kid -- no wonder I cut out of school in favor of self-motivated study and life experience instead. No wonder I turned to books in libraries to fuel my ravenous need for knowledge -- I was getting next to nothing out of a public school education other than the message that I didn't really matter and that the bullies were protected while I wasn't. I know I was far from the only one -- some of you are here on my f'list, and know who you are. 

But I survived. I moved on to a great career in publishing and learned a ton there; I've changed careers and am looking for my next move there. I've met thousands of fascinating people, and most of them are not bullies.  My first husband (married at age 20; separated from at 21) turned out to be a bully, and I walked away. I'd thought he learned, but a recent email exchange via FB proved otherwise. No one bullies me anymore -- hello, welcome to my blocklist. He's the one and only member. I still encounter would-be bullies (mostly out to make me feel bad for my physical appearance, like they have the right to comment), but have a thicker skin and ability to slough off the abuse. I guess that came with age and experience. 

So how do we teach the kids that you *don't* have to take it? We have such mixed messages about reporting such things to authorities -- horrible words like "tattling" and "snitching" and the associated shunning of those who speak up do nothing to help encourage victims to stand up and report their bullies. What the hell is a victim supposed to do?

 There's been a bomb threat made towards a Pennsylvania courthouse. The journalists wrote "A bomb scare was called in..." 

Uh, *no*. It's a bomb *threat*.  It's only downgraded to a "scare" when the bomb squad declares it a scare. Until then, it's a *threat*. 

WTF, people?  Don't they teach this stuff in journalism school anymore??

Bruce HA!

I want this!

Posted on 2010.10.18 at 19:52


Hahahahahaha! I just saw a review of this app on NY1. I don't have an iPhone, but it might make one more attractive to me. It's an app where you can point your phone at someone/thing, push a button, and PEWPEWPEW! It makes sound effect and a visual of shooting lasers at them.

What makes this funny to me is many years ago, I had an old Chevette. On the dashboard of the Chevette, mounted with velcro, was a small black box with four buttons and a speaker -- each button made a different sound effect of mass destruction. Gunfire, lasers, whistling bombs, missiles -- if someone cut me off, I had the fantasy of having front-loaded heat-seeking missiles give them hard justice. I actually got pulled over by a cop who thought it was a radar detector (they're illegal in Virginia), and he laughed when I demonstrated that, no officer, it's not a radar detector, it's a frustration-venting machine. :D He asked me where I bought it, and said he wanted one. He did warn me that it did look like a radar detector, so I might be pulled over again for it, but he sent me on my way.

This app wouldn't work while I was driving (I'd have to hold the phone up to catch images of those I wish to blow up) but I still think it's hysterical.

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