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Political: Everyone poops

Politics SUCK. They have no place in this tragedy.

Posted on 2011.01.10 at 19:18
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I wanted to post this as my Facebook status, but can't quite get it right. I guess I'll just put it in my journal, and consider crying myself to sleep over murdered people who were murdered by a *madman*. I can't get that little girl's face out of my head. 

We are *all* humans.  We are all Americans*, not just Democrats, Republicans, Liberals, or Conservatives, or Moderates. The sooner we stop the us vs. them fingerpointing and rhetoric on *all* sides, the better. My heart cries to see people who normally get along well ripping each other to shreds over pre-conceived ideas of what the "opposition" is like. Please. Just stop blaming, and get back to working towards CIVIL DISCOURSE to work out differences. PLEASE.

This only became political when one sheriff decided to jump to conclusions and made it political before he had all the facts. That was unprofessional and incredibly irresponsible. Now it's coming out that the gunman was actually leaning far more on the leftist side -- should the country now turn and start condemning all left-leaning people? NO.  They should all just effing STOP blaming each other for the actions of a clinically diagnosed insane man who should have never been able to get a gun. He could have just as easily gone after his professors and classmates at his community college, but he went after Giffords because she was a symbol of the government he was fighting against in his own mind. His blogs are the rantings of a madman, and it doesn't take someone with a degree to recognize that. Call me ableist if you want, I don't give a flying frak. I know I'm not. Unstable people should be cared for and given opportunities, but gun-ownership should NOT be  one of those opportunities. 

I admire Giffords for many reasons, not the least of which being her moderate stance. It's tragic that anybody be cut down in service to their country, but this moderate finds it even a touch more tragic that a fellow moderate has been cut down when her balanced voice is *clearly* needed now. 

Are there ill-advised things posted on blogs and websites around the political sphere? Hell yeah. Maybe people will start to think twice before they "take aim" at their faceless opponents (or even when calling them by name). But I am convinced that everybody needs to listen to Sting's song "Russians," with a context towards *any* fellow human being. I wish he'd update the song to reflect the current political situation. 

Please, no us-vs-them rhetoric in the comments. I just don't want to hear it anymore.  It's *hateful*, and what's really sad is that so many people don't seem to recognize that they're spewing just as much hate as those they profess to hate. That's WTF all over. 

*This is obviously aimed at my countryfolk. Apologies to my Canadian, European, and other friends reading.

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